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Stuart Downes is the Hungry Bear! After 15 years chefing at award winning restaurants perfecting his signature dishes of simple food done properly, it was time for Stuart with support from his partner Dayna O'Brien to create his own brand...#BrandBear. As part of the Hungry Bear dinning experience you will get to taste Nanna Bears (Jane who is Stuarts mother) traditional home-made puddings and pastry's that guests often describe as “the best they have ever had”.

The Hungry Bear originally began as a travelling kitchen in October 2017 producing restaurant standard food at popup events across the island. A few months into this journey the bear was offered the opportunity to create a permanent home for the Hungry Bear at the IOW Lavender Farm (Newport). Even thou the eatery was 3/4 mile down an unmaid road the Hungry Bear gained a fantastic reputation among locals who would travel for #BearFood.
On one winters Sunday snow had laid thick onto the lane but our guests who had booked were adamant they wanted to come to enjoy their Hungry Bear Roasts regardless of the weather.

In Augusts 2018 a message came through via Facebook asking if the bears were interested in creating Hungry Bear Two as a venue was to become vacant in St Helens.
Although the Bear family were not ready to set up a second establishment they considered moving from their currently location. The Bears were impressed by the spectacular sea views, the friendly faces of the other business owners (on site) and the farmers Julie & Clive. The bears looked and saw the potential of the old Solent View Cafe and outside space after a short contemplation period they committed to their new venture.

After completing renovations the Hungry Bear reopened at his new home on 22rd September 2018. Since then the whole family has felt much happier at the new premises with the beautiful seas views and friendly atmosphere at Fakenham Farm, the feedback received from customers regular and new has also been excellent.

One of the most exciting prospects at the farm is the space for Hungry Bear to grow and develop into summer 2019, with a shared front garden space and a large private back garden. As well as the opportunity to work closely with locals from the surrounding villages to provide them with a superb dinning experience which not only offers value for money but creates magical memories with friends and family for them to treasure #Priceless.

The bears also look forward to working in collaboration with the other businesses to develop Fakenfarm as a whole which includes Peter from Fort View Tyres, Gerry The Coastal Gardener and Lynnette of Lynette Bailey Dance Studios as Well as the Fakenfarm Campsite. In addition to the wider community to include Bembridge business association to ensure employment and prosperity to the local area.



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